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Using the brand new fobs the person can start, lock, and unlock the car. Many systems also have a further channel that can be used for trunk launch. With our unique tie-up with Mahindra Two Wheelers, you can now e-book your required bike proper from the consolation of your home or workplace.

There are many options to purchase screens with DVD gamers that mount on the seat; this one becomes part of the seat, with a 7-inch display integrated into theheadrest itself. It can work with headphones, or play via the radio via its FM transmitter. This might be as close as you get to having a refrigerator or oven in the car. TheWagan Cooler/Warmerplugs into the 12-volt DC direct for power or to recharge the battery.

Automotive Accessories

The Breezer top is constructed from sturdy black mesh material. Jeep isn’t just a brand for off-roaders, it’s a way of life. Back …

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